What to Bring

Ski gear

  • Alpine or telemark skis and bindings or split snowboard
  • Appropriate ski or snowboard boots
  • Ski poles
  • Climbing skins
  • Dedicated avalanche transceiver (smartphone with search app not acceptable–click here for a review of this technology from the Canadian Avalanche Centre)
  • Avalanche probe
  • Avalanche shovel
  • Day pack
  • Goggles and glasses
  • Water bottle
  • Small thermos (optional)
  • Lunch box (optional)
  • Sunscreen

Selkirk Lodge has a limited supply of avalanche transceivers for those who don’t have one, but we strongly advise bringing your own. The beacon you work best with will be the one with which you are the most familiar.

Selkirk Lodge has two spare pairs of Rossignol Megabang skis (168 cm and 178 cm) with Fritzche Diamir bindings, which will fit medium and large alpine touring boots. These are for use in case of guest equipment failure. There are skins for each pair of skis. There are no telemark skis, so groups with tele skiers are encouraged to bring a spare pair for the group. In addition, telemark skiers are advised to bring any necessary binding repair parts, such as spare cables. We have no snowboard gear and split boarders are also encouraged to bring any necessary spare parts. Selkirk Lodge has tools, but does not have a full ski/repair shop. Guests who use Lodge skis are responsible for determining their own binding release settings.

Personal gear/clothing

  • Outerwear
    • Waterproof breathable ski jacket
    • Ski pants
    • Soft shell jacket
    • Down (or equivalent synthetic) jacket
    • Gloves/mitts
    • Warm hat(s)
    • Sun hat
  • Insulating layers
    • Long underwear tops
    • Long underwear bottoms
    • Sweater (wool, fleece, etc.)
  • Ski socks (several pairs)
  • Lodge attire
  • Indoor shoes or slippers
  • Snow boots (please pack these and wear your ski boots for the helicopter trip)
  • Towel
  • Headlamp and batteries
  • Toiletries
  • Footcare kit (moleskin, tape, etc.)
  • Camera and camera battery charger

Guests can charge their camera batteries in the evening when we charge the radios. At that time, IPods, etc., can be charged, but generator time is restricted. Batteries can also be charged during the day using the solar electrical system. Please make sure that if you bring a device that needs charging, you bring the appropriate charger.

There is limited Internet access in the morning (about half an hour) and evening (about one hour), but we encourage guests to leave their computers at home. All “smart” devices should be set to Airplane mode (it saves batteries not looking for a signal) and Wifi should be OFF while not in use.  All push notifications and auto-cloud-anythings need to be disabled. Selkirk Lodge has slow satellite and a limited download allowance.  Lodge and guide business always takes priority.

Before the flight to Selkirk Lodge, you and your gear will be weighed, in order for us to make up the loads.  We expect you to pack as lightly and compactly as possible.  Be dressed to ski, including ski boots.  Try to limit your personal and lodge gear to a 30 litre duffel.  If an extra flight is required, your guide will be billed and s/he will pass the overage on to you.  Remember – Light is Right!

Guests are responsible for bringing their own alcohol (and mixers). Be realistic; make sure you have enough, but don’t buy out the liquor store. Remember that hangovers interfere with quality skiing!  Please pack glass bottles in cardboard boxes and maximize space. (Two people with six bottles of wine each should be consolidating those twelve bottles in one full box, not two half empty ones.)  Please bring canned beer.

You’ll be VERY well fed at Selkirk Lodge. That said, there may be special treats that we won’t have that you feel you can’t do without. If you must have root beer or Egyptian licorice or chocolate truffles, you’ll have to bring your own.

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