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Back country skiing and mountaineering take place in an uncontrolled mountain environment. These activities are accompanied by risks, dangers and hazards.

The guides at Selkirk Lodge are all certified by the ACMG/IFMGA. They are trained and examined on ski touring and mountaineering skills, avalanche and hazard evaluation, mountain rescue, first aid, guiding skills and client care. They endeavor to manage risk by reducing exposure to danger.

Weather and snow pack are monitored continuously, with observations and evaluations exchanged daily with outside agencies. These include the Canadian Avalanche Association professional information exchange (InfoEx) and the guides of Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing, our closest neighbors.

Trips are planned daily by the guides based on weather, snowpack, hazard evaluation and the skill and fitness levels of the group. We maintain radio contact with Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing, both at their Revelstoke office and on the slopes. There is rescue gear at the Lodge and the guides are trained and equipped to deal with emergencies in the field.

If evacuation/rescue becomes necessary due to injury or illness, a helicopter can be on the scene quickly as long as daylight and weather permit. No flights are possible after dark and bad weather can cause delays.

Selkirk Lodge is NOT responsible for the cost of such evacuations/rescues, which can be considerable. We strongly advise that you make sure your personal/medical insurance covers these costs. If not, the following options exist:

For Canadians, Travel Underwriters rescue insurance can be purchased through the Alpine Club of Canada. Please call the national office at (403)678-3200 for more information.

For Americans, membership in the American Alpine Club includes rescue insurance. Contact them at www.americanalpineclub.org.

Doubtless there are other options for covering yourself. Your insurance broker will be your best source for additional information.

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