Summer Adventures

We would love to welcome you for a summer adventure at Selkirk Lodge. Our mountain paradise is little visited after the snow has melted. Wildflowers abound and guests may see marmots, mountain goats or even a grizzly bear! Crystal clear alpine tarns tempt the hardy for an invigorating plunge.

Because of the nature of the terrain, good mountain skills are essential, especially if your preference is for an unguided trip. Travel is all above treeline. There are no trails or bridges and the intrepid adventurer may need to cross creeks and glaciers in the course of a day. Mountain weather can change quickly and dramatically.


We offer general mountaineering and technical hiking in a pristine uncontrolled environment. Our summer trips are all “made to order”. At a minimum, we will provide the helicopter flights to and from Selkirk Lodge and the services of a custodian(s). Additional options include catering and hiring a certified ACMG guide(s). Let us arrange a Selkirk Lodge summer adventure for you.

Contact us here for more information and visit the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides website for more information.

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