About the Staff

ur story starts in the early 1980s, when Steve Devine dreamed of building a backcountry lodge. Actually, Steve dreamed of backcountry skiing and building a lodge seemed like a reasonable means to that end. Ground was broken in 1986 and this year we mark our 30th season. Sadly, Steve died before we welcomed our first guests, but the dream lives on. Selkirk Lodge remains a family operation, with the next generation now part of the guiding world. We’d like to welcome you to our skiing paradise.


GRANIA DEVINE: Laughingly known to family, friends and repeat guests as “The Queen” (of the Selkirks, of course!), Grania has parlayed her backcountry ski addiction into a successful business. She is a good cook, an enthusiastic skier and a gifted party-er. In other words, just your basic professional ski bum. What a way to make your hobby REALLY expensive!
REINET SHAW: Reinet was with us when we first started building Selkirk Lodge, returning almost every season as the “celebrity guest baker”. After a fifteen year sojourn in Alaska, she returned to BC full time in 2008 to do some REAL skiing. Oh yeah, she’s also a damn fine cook!
KATE DEVINE: Kate is “Selkirk Lodge, the Next Generation”. Though not born with skis on (ouch!), it was pretty close. She grew up in Revelstoke and is a ACMG Ski Guide, honing her skills in both the ski touring and heliskiing worlds. A project close to her heart is the Alpine Finishing School for women.  This is a course of ski mountaineering skills, taught at Selkirk Lodge every spring, run in conjunction with the non-profit SheJumps.
MIKE CUMMINGS: Born and raised in Revelstoke, Mike made all the beautiful things at Selkirk Lodge. A master woodworker, he is also a fine skier. His eye for the “line” has resulted in our successful run improvement program.
SCOTT DAVIS: A past president of the ACMG, Scott is a long-time resident of Revelstoke. Although Scott isn’t on the payroll, he spends a lot of time at Selkirk Lodge. He is an independent guide who has six weeks booked with us each year. Please visit his website at Best Ever Alpine Adventures.

TAZ: A powder hound.

Taz skied over the rainbow bridge in May 2015. She is missed by all who knew her.
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